January 14, 2011

Musings In My Garden

I wonder what my neighbors think of me as they often see me in my little garden turning pots here and there, rearranging flowers and taking photos of them almost on daily basis. Probably they know by now that it's more than just a gardening chore for me. It's actually one of my green pastures where I feel rested and my soul restored. My garden is a tiny corner in my own rented place, nothing special but birds and butterflies do love to come by and even passers-by take a second look and smile. For me, it is where my prayers are lifted, dreams are made, and God's voice is heard.

There is a plan to add a bench or a round chair in one corner where I can do my reading and tea time.  I hope that happens soon before rainy season comes.

This morning, as I took more photos, it came to mind that a garden must be place where human beings are most at home. Wasn't the first man's home a garden?

God Almighty first planted a garden. 
And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.
-Francis Bacon 


Lady Rose said...


It's been awhile since I have come to visit you.

At any rate, I think that your garden is lovely. I'm sure your neighbors do "wonder" why you spend so much time there, but as long as you enjoy these times in your garden, I wouldn't worry so much about what they think.

I also liked the fact that you mentioned that man's first home was in the garden. How true, how true!

Anyway, take care dear friend, and know that I have not forgotten about you at your "Daily Divine Garden." :)

-Lady Rose

Michelle said...

Hi Ruth,

My mom used to work outside in her garden.
She said she felt the closest to God at that time.
Unfortunately she can no longer work outside.
However she has indoor plants she takes care of.
Sometimes a friend will ask her to `babysit` a plant while they are away.

Your plants are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Once again, these photos are doubly precious to me because I HAVE SEEN THIS GARDEN! I am so glad I came, because I love knowing what you are writing about. Your flowers are awesome. Ate Theresa