November 9, 2010

A Date With My Birthday Girl

My Naomi turns 11 tomorrow, November 10th. It was the first da xue (big snow) that day for the winter of 1999. The first time I saw her, I named her in my heart, "the future Ms. universe". I think most, if not all, mothers can relate to the bliss I felt the first time I saw my first daughter.
Soon she'll grow taller than mommy and will have her own schedule and dates. So, I thought of making the most of the years left for me to enjoy her company. 

We took a walk together just across our street, to the huge home products shop. We enjoyed looking at beautiful things. We spent most of our time in the bathroom furniture area. I need to get ideas and inspiration for our own bathroom.  Now, that we have smaller bathrooms in our new house, it's a big challenge to set them up and enjoy the same comfort and convenience with the size we had before.

 I watched her carefully on the side. She's curious, too. She has eyes for beauty and it's one of the things I like window shopping with her.

My baby is now a young lady. She decides which lane to go and what item to check.

"I want this when I have my own house."
And now she has plans.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.  
~Author Unknown


Mrs. Santos said...

Happy Birthday dear Naomi! We are so glad that we have met you and your momma through blogging. My Sophia loves to go window shopping (or shopping in general) I am always rushing her as she picks up each item and weighs it in her mind to see if it is a good purchase.

I like to see you at the hardware store - makes it seem like you are just down the street and not on the other side of the world.

Ruth, it has been two years now, but our little apartment is 1/4th the size of our old house. It was very hard to get used to such little space, but eventually we did. I had to think of everything as having two or more jobs. For instance, I have a table where the phone and a lamp sits. But I also store all the linens in it.

I love your quote.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 11 years. What a precious gift from our Father! Give my happy birthday hug to our dear Naomi.

Ate Theresa

Lady Rose said...


It looks like you and Naomi had a nice time together window shopping at a home department store.

You are very blessed to have a sweet daughter. I am sure that you will always cherish the memories that you both will make together.


-Lady Rose

Ewa said...

Happy Birthday to your Big Girl!

Christine said...

Ruth, How blessed you are!