November 13, 2010

Playing Silly With My Sili (Chili)

 I gave a bowl of chili from my garden to my neighbor yesterday. I should have taken a photo of it to show how beautiful and healthy they were.

I kept the odd-shaped ones for our own use.

I felt good to have shared the produce from my tiniest garden. 

While basking on that good feeling, I found myself playing with the chilies that were left.

 The local people here love chili and they use it in almost all of local dishes. You can imagine how happy the old lady was when I went to her door and handed her the bowl. "Oh, dheng, dheng mahk!" (Oh, so red!)

Today, I gave a bunch of basil (3 kinds) to another lady who came by my fence to appreciate my blooming orchids.

The joy of sharing is the farmgirl's reward.

Gardening Tip:
Instead of throwing your egg shells into the garbage bin, you can crush them and sprinkle them on your garden soil. Egg shells are rich with calcium which is needed by plants to build stronger stem.

Special thanks to Lori for hosting Friday FarmGirl@Heart.

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1 comment:

Illinois Lori said...

Finally getting here to read again! I love those whimsical chilis! And you are right...such joy in giving to others of our abundance! Your lovely garden...built and grown with the skills God has blessed you attracting others to you. Realize that it is really God that they are attracted to, they just may not know it yet! Your beautiful flowers and growing garden are shining the beauty of Christ (the Creator) into the corner of the world God has placed you in. As you share His creation through the artistry of your garden, you share Him. May God ABUNDANTLY bless the work that you do in His name, may He hold you close and encourage you as you live for Him, and as you walk in obedience through the trials and struggles that He has allowed in your life in order to allow you to show your obedience to Him and to reach a dying world!
Love in Christ,