November 20, 2010

Practical Christmas Decor

I have Christmas-themed fabrics that I've bought very cheap here. In my host city, Christmas is not an official celebration and so I believe these beautiful fabrics were unpopular so they were sold at a very low price. Some are from 2 years ago and some were bought yesterday.
My special thanks to my dh who is celebrating his birthday today for driving me to the mall to find more fabrics. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell him how much I appreciate his support and encouragement in pursuing my hobbies. Such husband is rare to find. I'm indeed a blessed wife.

As you know, I have a smaller house now so I must make sure that my Christmas decors don't take much space. Also, we are in a new neighborhood in a non-Christian country. I want to be more mindful on my decorations. I want to put up what is only necessary to Christmas celebration.  We have decided not to have a tree this time. We'll have the nativity scene as our main decor. Well, I have not really given much thought about the details but I must admit, I can't wait to do something with the fabrics I have.

This is one end of the holder where I inserted an elastic/garter. Both ends should be with an elastic.

Last week,while supervising my homeschoolers doing their lessons, I sewed 3 plastic bag organizer/holders. I have many used grocery bags that I keep to recycle as garbage bags but they occupy much space in my kitchen drawers, and it's difficult to find the right size of bag that I need. 3 holders for 3 sizes: S,M,and L. It's a very easy project. I think one can imagine how to make it without a tutorial.

I hung them on the door between my kitchen and dining room. I would like to think of them as practical and in season. Cant's wait to start making throw pillow cases.

She selects wool and flax
   and works with eager hands. 
Proverbs 31:13

Special thanks to Lori for hosting Friday FarmGirl@Heart.


Christine said...

Ruth, these are so pretty. I also love pretty and practical!


Sharon said...

These are so cute! What a good idea!
Hugs, Sharon

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Ruth! I'm so sorry...I read this right after you linked up, but I was "on the fly" and didn't have time to comment, and then I didn't get back here!

I love the fabrics you got, and what a great deal! I'll bet your home will look lovely, but God looks upon your heart, and THAT is the decoration that pleases Him!


Mrs. Santos said...

I think the nativity as your main decor is a great idea. That's what we have done in the past when living small. What about a Christmas quilt? All the children can make their own 9 square patch and then you can put them all together. It makes a great decoration too ~ a quilt on the wall, or the couch or the bed.

Your best and most Christmasy thing to do in a non-Christian community will be hospitality. We deliver gifts (something small like cookies, candies, or bread) and go caroling. I pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas and that your family is a light to those around you.

God's protection on you.

Donna said...

I love the idea of having the nativity scene as your often, we lose sight of what is important. Thank you for reminding me of this!

The Christmas fabric is really pretty, and I like the project you made. Very nice! :) I hope you have a great day!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Ruth,
I am reading down my blogroll. I haven't been here in awhile. I like your ideas to celebrate and decorate for Christmas. I love those bag holders!

Your kids were nice to get those flowers for you. They're beautiful!