November 13, 2010

Macro Madness

 I fall in love with macro shots lately. I'm still learning my way to do it better but I'm really enjoying the process and the result. I'm using a simple digital camera, and trying to preserve raw photos. The following are not post edited, only watermarked; taken in the morning by the window where sunlight was strong.

This basket sits anywhere in the house. I move it to places, depending on my mood.

This shows that I do not only collect seashells, as I mentioned before in my previous post, I also collect other things like dried fruit.

This one is a fruit from an unknown tree. Dh and I were riding an elephant up in the mountain on our last wedding anniversary trip. A branch of a tree was blocking our way, I grabbed the branch before it hit my face, and then snatched this fruit off the branch.

I don't know how long it can hold together. Noticed the web? It's because I'm careful not to dust it off too much.

 This is a mangosteen fruit that I got from another province. It was ripe and bigger the time I was served a plate-full by my host. I saved one for souvenir.

The biggest one at the back is a pomegranate fruit; the one from my former garden. It was 70% ripe when I plucked it off the tree. It's not yet fully dry and I'm hoping I can keep this one longer.

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Anika said...

So beautiful...really love all those close ups!

Lady Rose said...


Interesting photos. They remind me of still-life paintings.

I'm curious as to how you manage to preserve dried fruit. Doesn't it begin to leave an odor after awhile? Hopefully, you can enlighten me. :)

Lastly, what is macros photography? I'm sorry to ask such a silly questions, but I am clueless about cameras. I own a simple digital camera, and I just aim, shoot, and hope for the best. :)


-Lady Rose

Marci said...

I love your pictures and that basket with all the shells (and such) is soo pretty! I especially like the second to last shot. And I LOVE window lighting..I try to use ambient light whenever I can.

Michelle said...

Awesome pictures.
I love the shells.
Makes me miss the beach.

Mommy2Four said...

Very nice :)

Martha Z said...

Nice macro studies and good shadow.

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic captures and I, too, love the sea shells, but all of them are superb! Love the detail that you capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Ruth!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

From my country of birth we call mangostees the queen of fruit. Nice collection you have there. Cheers from Malay-Kadazan Girls (SSS).

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Your Macro shots are wonderful and the lighting is just beautiful on the basket. Macro is my Favorite Shot, and I can spend hours shootingand looking through the lens at the tiny details and light play...thank goodness for digital photography. Very nice Shadow studies!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful shots.

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Mama Monkey said...

great photos!