March 1, 2011

Better Than Life

 I was in Hong Kong last week. It's still winter there but they managed to plant tulips in front of Times Square, could be for the Spring Festival or the Valentine's Day celebration.

If you've been to Times Square, you know it's one of the busiest place in Hong Kong especially so for business, shopping and fashion. My eyes feasted on watching people donning high-end brands all over them. It's the most lively place where there's so much about this life can offer.


I was just glad to behold of these gentle and sweet tulips! I was soon back to my senses before covetousness devoured me and would have sent me home heavy with discontentment.

It's not "sour graping". It's just facing the reality that one cannot have everything in this life and knowing that there's even better than life.

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise You.
Psalm 63:3


Míriam Luiza said...

Gostei muito do seu post. AS fotos são lindas, as fotos magníficas, mas a reflexão merece destaque. Graças a Deus por tudo o que Ele faz por nós. Tudo passa, mas Seu amor permanece para sempre!

Mrs. Santos said...

Absolutely! We sing a little tune to that verse. I am looking forward to my tulips coming up.

Ruth said...

Hello Miriam!
Thank you for leaving a sweet comment in your heart language. It is indeed beautiful and I want to put the translation here for my readers' sake. I just don't want them to miss your beautiful words.

"I really enjoyed your post. The photos are beautiful, beautiful pictures, but the reflection is important. Thank God for all He does for us. Everything passes, but His love endures forever!"
Thanks, Laura (Mrs. Santos). I love that little song too.

Sridharan said...