March 18, 2011

She Calls Me "Mammo"

 She's 2 and she dearly calls me "Mammo".
Funny girl! She likes to pose for me.
Alexia Marie is my first grandniece. 
She's my late sister's first grandchild. 
And now lives with her mother in our neighborhood. 
So, I get to see her more often now.

Alexia is a chatter box. She's very fluent in our dialect and my girls are envious about it but she's beginning to lose it as she has to learn English and Filipino to communicate with her cousins.

Once, I asked her to pull out the white hairs on my head and she quickly replied, "Ayaw, kay mapangit ka!" (No, you'll become ugly!).
She is undeniably her mother's daughter. They look alike! I babysat her mom from birth until she was Alexia's age so I can tell how similar they are in almost everything!

Here they are, mother and child during Alexia's mom's sister's wedding. Alexia was the flower angel and her mom was the maid of honor.

...and there she goes stealing my seat!

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, 
but of respect and joy in each other's life.” 
-Richard Bach


Renee said...

she is a doll :)

Michelle said...

She is so precious!

Lady Rose said...


What a sweet and adorable grandniece that you have! :) I like the last picture of her in that little white dress. It's so precious! :)


Dena E's Blog said...

Wow Sweetie,, so beautiful... Hope all is well with you Sis...Just wanted to stop by ...
May you have a Blessed in Christ weekend~~~Hugs Dena

shellzgroupz said...

She's a naughty cute, funny,charming and cheerful little girl......

Lynneth said...

I'm happy to see the pictures, she look plump now...i'd like too call her Pablita lol..and you know why :)

Ruth said...

Thanks, Neth, for popping up her. "Pablita" is our new doll here.

You should have your own blog so I can follow you:-)

purethoughts said...

wow she is so cute! now Ria can have someone to converse in Cebuano with!! hahaa.. cute!!!!