March 20, 2011

Supermoon 2011

 I was engrossed watching sad news from around the world when Naomi called me from outside. She told me that our alley was unusually dark and quiet. Houses were closed and dark.  Hmmm.. I wondered why. Naomi said that she saw neighbors all dressed up and all left at once. Maybe to a party? I really don't know. After moving for about 6 months now, there are still many things happening in our neighborhood that are yet unknown to us. Just the time when you think you know everything, things like this happen.

So, this is how it looked like outside our gate. No cars parked so they must have gone somewhere far. "Ngeng Teng" said the little girl we saw outside when asked by Naomi where all the people went. I still need to find out what that means....
The darkness outside made me noticed the MOON. Oh, yes! I almost forgot the Supermoon. See the yellow ball among the street lights?

 It was a bad timing that my official camera needed repairing and so I used my other old and less-broken camera.

This is how it exactly looked through my naked eye.

Hmmm....did my neighbor go somewhere for moongazing? I checked the paper today and it didn't say anything special about last night phenomenon except the discussion on it's effect. Here's an interesting excerpt from the article I read from the local paper:
Pinyo Pongcharoen, president of the International Astrology Association, is predicting the supermoon will cause social conflict as lunar power tends to make people more unstable.He is also warning people to prepare for natural disasters, especially those involving water.Scientists around the world, however, say such fears are nonsensePrapee Viraporn, secretary-general of the Thai Astronomical Society, said the phenomenon was normal.

I loved the halo around the moon. It is indeed bigger than usual. My camera, as I expected, didn't do justice to it's beauty. I better be prepared next time it appears on November 14, 2016 just as I was during the Blue Moon phenomenon.

The Blue Moon was obviously brighter than the Supermoon.

Blue moon on my hand! This was taken outside our yard on the New Year's eve of 2009. 
How I wish the world is on my hand so it won't go worse as it is now...but NO!  Someone whose hand is far better than mine or anyone in this world...and He says...

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14


purethoughts said...

did this happen tonight te? opps I was not able to go outside and check.. missed that.. :D

Ruth said...

That was last night,March 19, 2011. I should have called you to go outside and see it for yourself....sorry about that. Next time :-)

Lynneth said...

I missed that too, it was cloudy here and the wind was howling did pretty good ruth...the calamities and conflicts happening around us are indeed a wake up should shook us from our senses...pray..pray..pray for mercy and deliverance...HE is loving and merciful!

Michelle said...

We are surrounded with trees so we would have to drive to see the moon.
Thank you for taking this picture. said...

march 21,2011

wow i really missed this moment, tho' i noticed when i went to nanay's house i looked up the sky and noticed the moon....its a signature of who GOD is!

vernz said...

HI Ruth,.. wow... captured jud ang moon wala ligtas.. hahha.. ps.. I had difficulty coping up with time to update by blog lately.... I only update quick those blogs.. na kumikita ako.. hahahah... agi ko..

Mrs. Santos said...

It's amazing how people on the opposites ends of the earth can be doing the exact same thing. We drove a few blocks down to the water to see the moon that night...and took a lot of bad pictures that didn't turn out. Mr. even got up in the middle of the night to see if it looked any bigger.

The blue moon looks as bright as the sun.